Mano - poster

Mano – Poster


Documentary, biography, portrait

21 minutes

Color, 16:9

Bulgaria, 2018

Original title: Мано

Available formats: HD video digital file, Blu-Ray, YouTube (online preview)


Synopsis: Manol Kalniev – Mano (born 1977) belongs to a borderline generation. He is a teenager when the Berlin wall falls to change the world. Mano grows up in the wildest age of the Bulgarian transition as a normal kind of guy. At the end of the 90`s his life is empty and meaningless. A series of personal events will change all that.

The film portraits the present everyday life of Mano – skiing, snowboarding, cycling, kung fu, spinning and yoga. A documentary about internal and external changes, „Mano“ follows its character in a fraction of his life journey.

Shot on location in Bansko, Bulgaria from August 2015 until November 2017.

Rosen Spasov - director

Rosen Spasov – Director

Contact info:

Rosen Spasov

+ 359 894 632 065

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